Ski It, Hike It, Camp It: Equipment Checklist To Enjoy Hunter Mountain

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Ski It, Hike It, Camp It: Equipment Checklist To Enjoy Hunter Mountain

Ski It, Hike It, Camp It: Equipment Checklist To Enjoy Hunter Mountain

26 July 2016
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Hunter Mountain, located north of New York City, is a premiere skiing destination during the winter. However, it's not just a location to enjoy during the winter. There are also amazing hiking trails and really wonderful campgrounds to enjoy during the spring, summer and fall. In order to enjoy the mountain during all 4 seasons you will need to have the right equipment, so below is a checklist of what you need.

Winter: Skiing and Snowboarding

The obvious thing most people think about when it comes to skiing are the skis .If you're already comfortable skiing, then you definitely should get your own pair of skis. However, if you're not an advanced skier, then it's best to rent first. You should wait until you are comfortable before you spend the money on a brand new set of skis.

What you should buy are ski boots. You can use these on different types of skis, so you can use them when you eventually do buy brand new skis. This is especially true for guys who wear large sizes. If you wear a size 15 or larger you may run into trouble renting at some shops, so it's better to buy your own pair and bring them with you.

You should also invest in a good helmet. It's incredibly important to have a helmet when you ski. Even if you don't plan on heading down a black diamond trail, it's vital to protect your brain. Even a fall on a beginner slope can be fatal, as was the unfortunate case with Natasha Richardson. So buy a helmet and wear it.

Summer, Spring & Fall: Hiking and Camping

The two main things you need for hiking and camping are boots and a tent. Hiking boots should be lightweight and have a solid sole. Heavy boots will wear your muscles out. The sole needs to be textured so that it can grip the trails. It's not that important that you get waterproof boots, as there are not many rivers and streams to ford in Hunter Mountain. What you should consider is breathability. You should get hiking boots that allow for good airflow, which is important if you're hiking for many hours.

When it comes time to choose a tent, you should look for one that has a rainproof design (be it a fly cover or an integrated waterproof roof). It's also important that the tent have a fine mesh window. This will allow a breeze in at night, while also keeping out ticks and other nasty bugs that are common in NY during the warmer times of the year.

If you're looking for the ultimate in easy setup, then pick a pop-up tent. These don't require tent poles and stakes. You simply toss them into the air to open them up. When you are done camping and ready to head back to the city, you fold the tent back and slide it into a nylon bag.

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