Respect Your Elders: How To Deal When Grandma Wants To Skydive

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Respect Your Elders: How To Deal When Grandma Wants To Skydive

Respect Your Elders: How To Deal When Grandma Wants To Skydive

17 June 2016
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Family gatherings are usually fairly mundane, and you can probably already guess what everyone will bring. Yet, today's seniors are shaking things up a bit with their flair for adventure by planning events for their family that go far beyond the classic picnic at the family reunion. Recently, a grandmother in Boise, Idaho made the news when she made her entire family skydive for her 90th birthday. If your elderly family member caught wind of this story, then you can just bet that it'll be your turn next. While it is normal to be a little apprehensive about freefalling through the sky, these strategies will have you ready to take the plunge of a lifetime.

Ask About Safety and Credentials

Skydiving companies take pride in providing safe experiences for everyone from first-time divers to experienced professionals. Yet, the safety records and licensing requirements can vary somewhat from one place to another. Ask about the safety record for your planned drop zone, and inquire about the training and licensing requirements that are in place for the staff. Knowing that your skydiving instructors are fully licensed and have a solid history of safely completed jumps will provide reassurance that your family will be in competent hands.

Know You Won't Go Alone

The majority of first-time jumps are tandem. This means that you will be attached to your instructor using a special harness that allows them to guide your descent. While this may sound awkward at first, tandem skydiving lessons will walk you through the steps required to complete a successful jump. If you are nervous about skydiving, let your tandem partner know. They are great at showing you how the various pieces of equipment will keep you safe.

Take Lessons

Skydiving is a relatively safe sport, but it does require some basic knowledge to ensure the best experience possible. Skydiving lessons can range from a few short hours to several sessions broken up over multiple days. For most tandem jumps, you only need a short session to cover the basics of how to use your equipment and follow your jumpmaster's instructions. Yet, these lessons will give you confidence as you prepare to exit the plane.

Since you were a kid, you knew that when grandma or grandpa said "jump" you better ask "how high," but this time you may be wondering if their request has gone too far. Fortunately, tandem skydiving is safe when you work with a professional jumpmaster. By preparing beforehand, your only worry on your first jump will be whether or not they get the best picture or video to document your amazing experience. Get in touch with companies like Midwest Freefall if you have further questions.

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