Tips For Proper Inflatable Attraction Care

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Tips For Proper Inflatable Attraction Care

Tips For Proper Inflatable Attraction Care

6 February 2016
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Inflatable activities often draw a lot of crowds, especially when they are designed for extreme sports enthusiasts. Things like inflatable zip lines and extreme obstacle mazes are fun, but the traffic they draw can lead to a lot of wear and tear. If you're new to inflatables and their care, it's important that you understand the basics of keeping your inflatables in good condition.

Ground Cover

It's easy to dismiss the importance of cumbersome ground covers and decide that they're unnecessary. The truth is, ground covers are one of your most important investments for taking care of your inflatables. When spread out underneath your inflatable, these covers can increase the lifespan of your attractions by creating a barrier against things that could rip and tear. Dry inflatable units do well with a vinyl ground cover, while any water-based attractions should have canvas, because the vinyl could become slippery and cause the attraction to slide.


Inflatables need to be kept as clean as possible, which means that you should institute a cleaning schedule that ensures that the units are cleaned thoroughly once or twice a week. This should be in addition to the standard wiping, sweeping and surface cleaning that's done when you're breaking down the attraction at the end of the day.

The detailed cleaning should include blowing away any leaves or debris as well as spot cleaning as necessary with a bottle of water treated with a small amount of bleach and degreaser. Make sure that you dry everything thoroughly with towels before you put things away after the cleaning process.

Mold Prevention

Mold growing in an inflatable is nearly impossible to get rid of. Once mold spores settle in the sub-layer of the vinyl, the spores will continue to thrive. If you're using water attractions of any kind, it's especially important that you're proactive about preventing mold development. Wipe down the attraction after every use and make sure that it sits in the sun to dry completely before you roll it up. Don't put the attractions away with any residual moisture at all, because that moisture will encourage mold development.

The newest extreme inflatables are crowd-pleasers that often draw many customers who are seeking thrills. With the care tips here, you'll be able to protect your investment and ensure that you have an attraction that will last for years to come. For more tips, consider reaching out to another inflatable attraction specialist in your area like Adventures In Climbing.

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